Sunday, March 06, 2005

I am Rick James, Bitch.... (Create an Image)

So, I was playing around with this cool little google option called Montage-a-Google; which creates a collage of images from any Google Image search results.

All you do is enter your subject's name (such as Paris Hilton or Michael Jackson) optionally set how many images and what size your montage should be, and then watch the page fill up with pictures.

If you want to enlarge a particular image, all you have do is click on an image to see the original. Hours of enjoyment....

So, I decided to type in one of the more colorful musicians Mr. Rick James and strangely enough an image from the Family Circus cartoon was in the montage....

It kinda proves my theory that the only reason Family Circus has been able to keep its spot in the Sunday Comics is a pact with the devil...mmmm, dare I say it.."Super Freaky."

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Me needs da Needs.....

Special Needs, originally uploaded by rojacaliente.

ripped from the Special Needs forum:

Nambucca is now Bigger, Better, Booty-shaking-er and BACK FOR MORE!!!

Special Needs in association with pure groove PRESENT...

Funfairs & Heartbreak

at Nambucca, 596 Holloway Road, nearest tube Archway

from 6 til 1, £1 Entry after 8pm, £2 pints, free scrabble

***NOTE new later opening, no stupid 'no-one in after 11' shite and barely bank busting door charge***

anyone who wants more information on changes at Nambucca can email me at

This month...

Special Needs, LIVE!!!

The Holloways, born in Nambucca itself (I cut the cord). These boys personify and amplify the sound of London town, poetic, lilting, thoughtful and frenetic some of you may have seen them support babyshambles at Bucca.

Hadleigh Ford, providing the 'variety' angle, so I hear. A peculiar acoustic set provided by Zac's cousin's mate's dog's babysitting vicar.

and an exclusive gig from Joe Driscoll, on a brief stint over from NYC, this human music machine is wowing crowds around London cropping up at impromtu gigs in his lo-fi high-top beatbox stylee for the next week, catch him while you can.

This Friend of Mine......

Q4music has a great little interview vignette on Mr. Adam Green, formerly of the Moldy Peaches. Adam, in the video, talks with Q about his inspiration for his newly released and quirky album, Gemstones.

To be honest, I just enjoyed watching it because Adam is one of my old homies from the hood...He is one of the nicest guys around, if not the silliest. I can't tell you how many times I have seen him play...Always a fun show (don't let his anti-folk garb and sensibilities fool you, I swear he secretly desires to be a lounge singer)...A little bit of a clown but always super sweet....

Anyways, check it out... To see the Q4music interview, click here

More info:

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Festival Season is around the corner.....

So, T in the Park sold out in a matter of days... and like me you had no idea they went on sale.. Scratch that one of your list.

Just to make sure you are paying attention...The people at The Carling Weekend: Reading Festival this year decided to release a few tickets early this year. mmmm as in TODAY.

But no worries...Tickets will officially go on-sale after the line-up for the event, taking place from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th August, is announced on Monday 21st March at 7pm. To read more, click here.

Also important to note....Tickets for Glastonbury 2005 go on sale at 9am on Sunday 3 April, and cost £125 plus £4 booking fee and £4 postage and packing.

E.T. Phone Me........

th-ETCVLG_ET-FS35, originally uploaded by rojacaliente.

This is for all of you (and you know who you are) whose guilty pleasure is scouring through Craig's list missed connections in hope that may be the missed connection. Well, here is one out of this world...

According to The San Jose Mercury News:

Craigslist Chief Executive Jim Buckmaster won an eBay auction over the weekend - at $1,225 - for the chance to send a message into outer space. Florida's Deep Space Communications Network, an audio and video production company, will transmit the postings at least one light year into space using its existing satellite broadcasting gear.

Here's what the ad will say:

Missed Connection with Gentle Alien (M4M? M4F?)

You: Short, gray skinned, large brained alien being.

Me: Back roads motorist beamed up onto ship.

You had me at "We mean you no harm." The gentle way in which you drew my blood, urine, and semen and probed my rectum made me fall for you right away. I was so sad when you deposited me back in my car and erased our time together from my memory. But how can I forget you? The subdermal tracking device you placed in my buttocks keeps beating. As does my heart.

Care for another encounter? Email me if you want to meet for coffee

Baby, beam me up....