Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bright Lights, Big City......

When I was the NEW kid in NYC, a man dressed in black looking a little like a NARC and a little like a PUBLIC PERVERT that hangs on the subway gestured to me come over as I was looking for the NEXT EXIT out of this grimy UNTITLED, illegal lower east side dive. To much forced PDA and stitled conversation here.

The man in black seemed like another OBSTACLE 1,2 but this bar was EVIL tonight and NOT EVEN JAIL would make me stay. He said C'MERE while he beckoned me to the door with his MAMMOTH fingers. I was lonely in this big city - never in my life before did I feel it a TIME, TO BE SMALL so I moved forward slowly, remembering PACE IS THE TRICK. SLOW HANDS wrapped around my wrist pulling me out in the light of street lamp. I was ALL FIRED UP by this boldness and came at him like a WRECKING BALL and growled at him "HANDS AWAY buddy. WHO DO YOU THINK you are?"

He said "I am the SPECIALIST.. And I want to TAKE YOU ON A CRUISE." I just rolled my eyes, oh the SCALE of the lies men will go to for LENGTHS OF LOVE. The MASCARA on my eyes smudged on my cheek and he bent forward brushed it away. I felt my heart PRECIPITATE as the REST MY CHEMISTRY became flushed. He grabbed my hand and said come with me to PIONEERS TO THE FALLS. What I said? A bar on Avenue A.

We moved like LEIF ERICKSON in search of a beacon from a phantom LIGHTHOUSE on unchartered shores.

SAY HELLO TO ANGELS as we walked into the half empty bar and then he introduced me to ROLAND, who was cutting with array of knives limes, maked them perfectly CUBED. Then I met his other mate. HEINRICH MANUEVER close to me while my STRANGER IN THE NIGHT got me a drink. Both his friends leered at me in a hungry way and I knew that there would be NO I IN A THREESOME tonight with them and slinked away slowly.

The man in black returned. And said come with me to the jukebox. I want show you something. He said play SONG SEVEN. I did.

As the room became filled by a booming voice singing "STELLA IS A DIVER AND SHE IS ALWAYS DOWN," I turned to my companion who was quietly gaging my reaction while smoking a marlboro red and asked him what his name was. And he replied Paul and I was listening to a song of his new album.

And that is how i became introduced to INTERPOL*

(It is mostly somewhat true story. Please note names of people and places have been changes to protect the innocent and maybe to get all the names of the songs in their catalog to fit).

So, I wrote this little story to try to win tickets from Gothamist to Interpol's concert in Atlantic City. I have not heard anything yet so I assume I was not the winner. Oh well, It occupied a good hour or so on a very boring work day at the NRDC.

Day after day...

I guess I have not posted my blog in almost two years. Alot has happened since the halcyon times in good ole London town. I promise I will fill you in. In fact, there is much I need to tell you of my past. And I will.

But for now, all you need to know is I am back in the East Village